Peanut Butter Oven!!!

Peanut Butter Oven is a Chicago-based blog designed to promote music, the arts and whatever I seem to be interested in at the time… Some people say blogging is worthwhile… I guess I finally took the bait. The primary plan is to promote music I happen to be interested in. As of right now, we’re looking at a lot of garage punk, indie rock, and some psych music… hip hop will most assuredly get mentioned from time to time as well. Peanutbutter oven will probably be as sloppy and unrefined as it gets, but we’ll see what it morphs into, if anything at all.

Music. Art. Blah. Brace yo’ self.


About Peanut Butter Oven

Music. Art. Blah. Worthless Commentary on Music and the Arts.
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