Fresh and Onlys – Secret Walls EP

The Fresh and Onlys sure don’t putz around. Where do they find the time to record so much material amidst steady touring? And how does it all sound so damn good? Anywho, to follow up the success of their last album Play It Strange, the Fresh and Onlys are serving up a brand new EP by the name of Secret Walls. This continues in the direction of Play It Strange, incorporating some Spaghetti Western and Doo Wop into their style of garagey psych rock, all with a cleaner recording than their earlier outings. This comes out April 26th on Sacred Bones.

Track List:

1.  Secret Walls
2.  Keep Telling Everybody Lies
3.  Do You Believe in Destiny?
4.  Wash Over Us
5.  Poison Wine

Have a listen to “Do You Believe in Destiny?”


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