Thee Oh Sees – Singles Vol. 1 and 2

A quick google search of our blog’s name will make it painfully apparent that we’re fans of Thee Oh Sees. Our blog’s name, Peanut Butter Oven, happens to come from one of their song titles on Help. Anywho, Thee Oh Sees are very prolific artists and their constant release of new material can be hard to keep up with. John Dwyer and company are being nice enough to let their fans play catch up by releasing the 2xLP collection Singles Vol. 1 and 2. As one might expect, this is a collection of out of print singles and unreleased tracks. The first LP of this contains the songs that were originally included on the CD included with Zork’s Tape Bruise. The second is a collection of singles and unreleased material that came after that. This one’s put out by Dwyer’s own Castleface Records.

Here’s the full track list:

Volume 1:

Side A
1. Carol Anne
2. Inquiry Perpetrated
3. Mincing Around the Frocks
4. Kingsmeat
5. The Freak Was Clean

Side B
6. Kids in Cars
7. Bloody Water
8. Hey Buddy *By Aaron Aites
9. Comas *By Aaron Aites
10. I Agree
11. Grave Blockers

Volume 2:

Side A
1. Tidal Wave
2. Heart Sweats
3. Contraption (Demo)
4. Friends Defined
5. Blood In Your Ear (Demo)
6. Schwag Rifles

Side B
7. The Drag *By Ty Segall
8. 7484
9. Castiatic Tackle (Demo)
10. She Said to Me
11. Where People Do Drugs
12. In the Shadow of Giants
13. Ichor (Previously Unreleased) *Based on a Sic Alps cover of a rebel song

Here’s a listen to “Blood In Your Ear”, which appears on this collection:


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4 Responses to Thee Oh Sees – Singles Vol. 1 and 2

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  2. Evertreid says:

    hey do you have any idea when this is going to be released??

  3. Evertreid, this has already been released. I believe it came out March 29th, but it’s had a pretty low profile and I don’t know how many were pressed (my guess is not that many). I picked up my copy at a local record store, Reckless Records. It appears they still have a few copies. You could order from them online, but it’s probably worth calling before you place an order to make sure.

    Here’s Reckless’s URL:

  4. O Rly says:

    I snagged a copy of this from Florida’s Dying… LP is the lime color, as above, but the second LP is clear purple.

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