UV Race – Homo

The good folks over at In the Red are putting out Homo, which is the second album by Melbourne, Australia’s UV Race. These garage-punkers write some really great songs full of distorted, jangly guitars and well-placed organ and sax embellishment. Mikey Young of Eddy Current Suppression Ring produced this one and the sound on this album is spot on for a garage record, as far as I’m concerned, keeping things a little skuzzy and organic yet clear enough to hear everything that’s going on. The liner notes included on the record sleeve are interesting too, including explanations or thoughts surrounding songs instead of lyrics. Here’s what frontman Marcus has to say about the eighth track on the album called “Low”:

“The eighth song is Low. I really like this song. The lyrics were written by Al. It’s about all these different things that can make you feel low. I really like the way it rhymes. Georgia’s take of this song turned out better than mine. That’s why I don’t feature on this song. She does a great job.  I like making my own lyrics to this song when I am bored like bad news across the land/ you’re holding another man’s hand / I feel low / I feel low / Bad news on the T.V. / You gave me H.I.V. / I feel low/ I feel low.”

UV Race aren’t over-thinking things… and they don’t want to, nor do they need to because these guys have come up with a great set of songs that are catchy enough to be fun and experimental enough to stay interesting. If you’re into early proto-punk, garage punk, and/or songs about feeling low, feeling lost, feeling lazy, and girls, you’ll enjoy this one. The street date for Homo is March 29th, 2011. Solid release.

You can listen to some samples from UV Race’s Homo here.

Or you can listen to the full track “Lost My Way” below, which appears as the third track on Homo.


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