Michael Sieben Prints

Michael Sieben is a graphic artist and illustrator in Austin, Tx who primarily works within the skateboarding biz creating graphics for skate decks and doing commercial work for skate companies. He also does fine art paintings and prints.

I dig his work so I check in on his website every so often to see if he’s got any new work posted or prints for sale. He just posted the completely awesome image above as commercial work he did for Terrible One, a company that makes BMX frames, grips, and other components. I just saw this image and had to post it myself because it’s about as rad as they come. It was used for a tour poster to promote Terrible One’s upcoming BMX tour in Australia. To fill things out, they added the text “Let’s Didgeridoo This.” Apparently they’re making this into a t-shirt as well. I don’t ride BMX bikes, but I need this shirt. Hopefully it’s not just something they sell on tour and it becomes available through their web store.

Sieben does have two fairly new screenprints (made available January 25, 2011) that he’s selling through his own web store. They measure 12″ x 12″ and are each an edition of 50 numbered prints. They cost $40 each or $65 as a bundle. Titles for these are “In Other Words, I Wanted Adventure” and “I Used to Want to Live in a Cave”. Check them out down below.


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