Record Store Day – April 16th, 2011

Record store day is an annual event that occurs on the third Saturday of every April. This year, that day happens to fall on the 16th. Record store day was created to help promote brick-and-mortar record stores, and so each year a bunch of artists release some limited edition material just for the event. Check out their website here to see what local record store near you is participating and what releases are scheduled for the day.

Also of note… while this release is not yet listed on the official Record Store Day website, according to Goner’s website, Ty Segall will be releasing his 12″ Ty Rex for the event. This’ll be an EP of T. Rex covers. Here’s what Goner has to say about it: “Ty Segall ‘Ty Rex’ 12″ ep coming for record store day! Available from your local record shop on Saturday, April 16- especially GONER! We’ll hopefully have copies left over and online on Monday, April 25 if you can’t make it on Record Store Day.” So there you have it… of course, if you don’t believe me, you can go check it out for yourself here.

Since we’re a Chicago-based blog, I thought I’d go ahead and list out the participating record stores in Chicago.

Permanent Records
Dave’s Records
Kstarke Records
The Music Experience
Reckless Records
Laurie’s Planet of Sound
Gramaphone Records
Raffe’s Record Riot
Shake Rattle and Read
Beverly Records
Dusty Groove America
Dr. Wax
Hard Boiled Records
Record Breakers
Groovin’ High
Jazz Record Mart
Death or Glory
Hyde Park Records
Out of the Past Records
The Exchange
Cafe Mustache

Go support your favorite record store on April 16th!


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