Xray Eyeballs – Not Nothing

Put No New York, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and a garage record (any old garage record will do) in a blender, hit puree’ and out comes Xray Eyeballs stanky brand of art-punk. This music is both unnerving to the ears and strangely satisfying. My gut tells me that Xray Eyeballs should tune their instruments, but somehow it all works and then, after about 15 30-45 seconds of listening, I’m forced to tell my gut to shut up. Listen to “Crystals” yourself and tell me you don’t agree. Not Nothing, the band’s first full-length LP, comes out April 19, 2011 on Kanine Records.


About Peanut Butter Oven

Music. Art. Blah. Worthless Commentary on Music and the Arts.
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