Hozac Blackout Fest

Chicago’s own Hozac records will be hosting Blackout Fest 2011 on May 26-28. This event will highlight Hozac’s excellent roster of lo-fi garage punk acts as well as a few others to round things out. Reportedly, the venue will be within walking distance from the monument in Logan Square and has been announced as the Velvet Perineum. Classy. More details on the actual address will be announced later. 500 tickets are available with the first 250 “golden tickets” being sold at reduced rates. I’m pretty upset that I already had plans to jump town this weekend because this event will be nothing short of awesome. For a little more info, you can check out a write-up for the event at Victim of Time or if you just want to purchase tickets now, you can find a link for the tickets through the Empty Bottle‘s website.


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