Quintron – Sucre Du Sauvage

Quintron has released a new album by the name of Sucre Du Sauvage on Goner Records. This album, which came out on April 12, 2011, was recorded during a three-month residency at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Essentially, his creative process was displayed as the work of art as he created samples, drum loops, and melodies to be used on the new album in front of the museum-goers. Interesting concept, eh?  If you’re not familiar with his music, he creates dirty, organ-based garage punk that mixes his own vocals with those of his wife and band mate Miss Pussycat. Quintron came up with some pretty great tunes during his time on exhibition, as chronicled on Sucre Du Sauvage. You can listen to “Ring the Alarm” and “Face Down in the Gutter” off of the album below. Fun stuff. Quintron’s also got a whole slew of tour dates coming up this spring/summer, which you can check out here.


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