The Appleseed Cast – Middle States

The Appleseed Cast started out as an emo outfit, but they’ve worked hard to shed that tag throughout their career, moving more into the realm of post-rock. While their combination of sparkling guitar interplay and expressive vocals have always defined their sound, they’ve used these elements to teeter back and forth between the two genres to some degree throughout their releases. Their most recent LP Sagarmatha was much more of a post-rock affair, but from what I’ve heard off of this upcoming EP, they seem to be returning to their sound found on Mare Vitalis, Two Conversations, and Peregrine. Middle States will have a physical release on Graveface Records June 7, 2011. You should also know that it’s up for pre-order with an instantaneous digital download that is available now. Have a listen to “Middle States” below. Expect a new full-length from the Appleseed Cast in 2012.


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