Shannon and the Clams – Sleep Talk

Shannon and the Clams are a female-fronted garage punk band based out of Oakland, California. While some may know frontwoman Shannon Shaw a bit better as one of the punkettes in the fellow Oakland-based band Hunx and His Punx, Shannon and the Clams have actually been around for awhile and have already put out a full-length LP back in 2009 entitled I Wanna Go Home. Shannon and the Clams offers up a similar sound to Hunx and His Punx in that they’re playing with a combination of vintage girl group Doo Wop and garage punk, although Shannon and the Clams also pulls pretty heavily from rockabilly, with galloping guitars holding it down as the backbone for most of these songs. Shannon also proves to be a dynamic frontwoman with a vocal delivery that is brash, expressive, and raw without being unrefined. Often, she comes across as a female version of Buddy Holly, complete with hiccups and glottal stops. Shannon and the Clams’ Sleep Talk came out on April 5, 2011 and was released by 1-2-3-4 Go! Records. Have a listen to “You Will Always Bring Me Flowers” and “The Cult Song” from the album below.


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1 Response to Shannon and the Clams – Sleep Talk

  1. Hot damn “You Will Always Bring Me Flowers” is good. I like that palm-muted rockabilly guitar a lot, surprised I don’t hear more of that in this genre.

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