The Wooden Birds – Two Matchsticks

I was just sitting in a bar the other day when a song came on that was familiar, but it took me awhile to pinpoint what it was. The song was off of American Analog Set’s 2001 album Know By Heart. Unfortunately, I’d all but forgotten about this band. Tonight, coincidentally, I was just scouring the internets for new music and happened across a new track by The Wooden Birds and immediately thought “Wow, this sounds a lot like American Analog Set.” Sure enough, there’s a reason for that; The Wooden Birds has been frontman Andrew Kenny’s post-American Analog Set project since 2008. Apparently The Wooden Birds already have one album, Magnolia, under their belt, and Barsuk will be releasing their sophomore album entitled Two Matchsticks. The music featured on this album builds on what Kenny’s produced in the past with AmAnSet, creating hushed, sensitive indie rock that could easily be confused with cuteness. Every note stands out in the mix, delicately and meticulously placed into each song, yet delivered in a manner that both warms the heart and settles the nerves. Also of note is a guest appearance on the album by Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard. Have a listen to the title track “Two Matchsticks” below and look forward to the release of this one on June 7, 2011.



1.  Folly Cub
2.  Two Matchsticks
3.  Cross My Heart
4.  Criminals Win
5.  Company Time
6.  Warm To the Blade
7.  Baby Jeans
8.  Too Pretty To Say Please
9.  Struck By Lightning
10. Secrets
11. Be No Lie
12. Long Time To Lose


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