Bleached – Carter 7″

California’s all-girl punk group Mika Miko may no longer be active, but a couple of their members (Jesse and Jennifer Clavin) have gone on to form Bleached, who have recently put out a 7″ entitled Carter through Art Fag Recordings. These two songs take the previous punk energy of Mika Miko and inject it with both a smidge of surf and a healthy dose of the Ramones to create some pretty catchy tunes. Simple progressions of power chords drive these tracks along, but the standout moments occur when they open up the songs to breathe and offer up an infectious interplay between guitar and bass, as exemplified on”Think of You.” This is simple, solid, girl-fronted punk rock that’ll be the perfect backdrop for the upcoming sun-filled days of summer. You can check out the aforementioned “Think of You” below.


If you happen to be in California, you can check out Bleached at one of their two upcoming shows in July. Details are listed below.

7/2/11 – Half Off Books – Whittier, CA – 6:00 PM
7/31/11 – The Smell – Los Angeles, CA – 9:00 PM


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