Night Beats – S/T

Everything’s bigger in … Seattle? Night Beats may hail from the Pacific Northwest, but their self-titled full-length is 100% Texas psych rock worship. As Trouble In Mind states in the press-release “Any number of bands cite 60’s Texas psych as an influence, but rarely does a group actually capture what made those bands special.” I concur. The band proudly wears their influences on their sleeves, with echoes of the 13th Floor Elevators and Golden Dawn ringing loudly on this release, and they’ve really got the sound nailed. Yet still, despite their glaringly obvious influences, Night Beats plays with such intensity that it’d be foolish to simply write them off as retro pastiche. The guitar work on this album is explosive, with blistering solos throughout, and though some tracks stay a bit purer to their roots, other times they come across as fellow revivalists The Black Angels jamming out with Thee Oh Sees and Jack White. If you’re a fan of Texas pysch and blazing guitars, Night Beats should give you the trip you’re searching for. Check out some videos for “Ain’t Dumbo” and “Useless Game” below.


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