Purling Hiss – Lounge Lizards 12″

Philadelphia’s Purling Hiss has released another 6 songs through the fine folks at Mexican Summer. The 12″ is titled Lounge Lizards and offers up more of the blown-out rock and roll we’ve come to expect from these guys.  If you’re not familiar with Purling Hiss, you should know that their recordings have been steeped for hours in low-fidelity fuzz, so these songs demand some work from the listener, but if you forge through it, Purling Hiss certainly rewards your efforts. Often they come across as a lo-fi Dinosaur Jr., with Polizze and company’s giant distorted guitars breaking through the tape hiss, a sound especially present on “The Hoodoo”, which strikes a compromise between some of the band’s poppier sensibilities and their affinity to psychedelic noise. Have a listen to “The Hoodoo” from Purling Hiss’s Lounge Lizards 12″ below.


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