Human Eye – They Came From the Sky

Detroit’s Human Eye recently released their third full-length on Sacred Bones Records entitled They Came From the Sky. Fronted by Timmy Vulgar (Timmy’s Organism, Clone Defects), Human Eye plays a monstrous combination of psych and proto-punk with science fiction inspired lyrics, which makes listening to Human Eye kind of like watching an old sci-fi B-film on acid, or so I assume. They Came From the Sky features a wide range of sounds throughout the album – heavy bursts of effects-laden guitars, simple punk chugging, slow psych meltdowns, and the occasional electronic embellishment – all of which combine to create Human Eye’s dystopic future-punk soundscape. The lyrical content may be a little tough to chew for those who can’t embrace its campy absurdity, but for the rest of us, Human Eye’s They Came From the Sky makes for an extremely entertaining listen. Check out “Junkyard Heart” below, which happens to be one of the most aggressive and trippy songs on the album.


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