Fungi Girls – Some Easy Magic

The Texas-based Fungi Girls are a group of youngsters (all of the members are under 21) who have been raising some eyebrows with their mix of garage, surf, and psych rock. Combining reverb, fuzz pedals, and bubblegum pop hooks, these kids do a great job recreating the hazy sounds of yesteryear with enough of a modern take to keep things interesting. Yet, while their new album Some Easy Magic features some excellent vintage guitar tones with catchy songs, there are a few moments that sound all too familiar. The main riff of “Honey Face” sounds awfully similar to the 13th Floor Elevators “You’re Gonna Miss Me” and “Lucie” gives me the impression Ty Segall’s Lemons is in heavy rotation for the Fungi Girls (listen to “Die Tonight” and tell me otherwise). It’s inevitable that chord progressions get recycled in this genre, but it’s difficult to tell whether these are intentional nods, blatant pickpocketing, or none of the above. Nevertheless, despite these couple moments of musical deja vu, Fungi Girls manage to create a unique sound for the garage world through their combination of subdued vocals and energetic guitars. It all meshes sonically to create a blend that feels as familiar as it does new, and these kids clearly have an ear for good tunes and catchy hooks. It will be interesting to see how they develop over time as they resist the urge to emulate their heroes and develop their own ideas and sound more fully. Definitely a band to watch. Fungi Girls’ sophomore album Some Easy Magic is out now on Hozac Records. Have a listen to “Velvet Days” and “Lucie” below.


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