Thee Oh Sees – Carrion Crawler / The Dream

Thank God John Dwyer’s been too busy with bong rips and songwriting to take his Adderall because 2011 brought us a whole slew of new Oh Sees songs via In the Red Records. Carrion Crawler/The Dream is the most recent full-length, which dropped in late November, and while the previous album Castlemania (released earlier this year) was a poppy affair deeply rooted in San Fran Summer of Love psychedelia, Carrion Crawler takes the band back to the sound of dimed amps and explosive guitars forged on albums like Help and Warm Slime. If you’ve seen Thee Oh Sees live within the past year, you should be familiar with songs like “The Dream”, “Crushed Grass” and “Crack in Your Eye,” and if not, you’re in for a real treat. They’ve expanded their lineup to include a second drummer, which really fills out their rhythm section and provides a solid backbeat to Dwyer’s onslaught of garage-psych madness. Dwyer’s favorite joke to make during a show is that all their songs sound the same, but when you’ve stumbled upon a sound that’s so enticing, unique and full of experimentation, what’s the use in changing it? Have a listen to the upbeat ripper “The Dream” and the slow-burning “Crack in Your Eye” below:


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