The Strange Boys – Live Music

Rough Trade released the Strange Boys Live Music October 25, 2011, and despite the misleading title, the album is actually their third studio full-length. Upon first listen, it’s apparent that the album presents a slicker incarnation of the band. Dylan and the Stones remain as reference points, yet the boys seem to be taking different cues from their heroes. While, previous outings had the feeling of a messy barroom interaction full of booze-inspired confessions, Live Music often feels more like an intimate back porch conversation. Simply put, they’ve grown up. Less focused on making a racket, they’ve redirected their energy towards songwriting and refining their craft, producing some very soulful pop songs that live, breathe and sweat Americana. Production is clearer, the amps have been turned down and a number of these songs are piano-based. Overall, they seem to be taking their music more seriously and Live Music serves as a strong addition to the Strange Boys catalog of albums. Have a listen to “Me and You” and “Punk’s Pajamas” below:


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