Heavy Times – Jacker

Hozac Records released Chicago-based Heavy Times’ second full-length LP Jacker November 1st, 2011.  Jacker embodies the band’s blue-collar “shut up and play” mentality through and through, and with a 23-minute running time, there’s not an ounce of fucking around on this album. Their straightforward plug-and-play approach gives Jacker a strong live feel, which is enhanced by the fact that everything is mixed way too loud. Nevertheless, the lo-fi aesthetic really adds a lot to the energy and charm of the record, which starts off blasting with “Motionless Drift” and doesn’t let up until it’s over. Singer Bo Hansen’s voice is pretty reminiscent of Page Hamilton at many points throughout the album, but musically, they have more in common with Husker Du than they do Helmet, with a sound that falls more on the rock side of punk rock. Heavy Times is the type of band that’s more interested in bumming smokes after the show than selling merch, and each song on Jacker is a muddy, no-frills rock and roll romp of dual-guitar attack that reflects this attitude. Have a listen to “Skull Hair” and “Future City” below:


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