The Twerps – Black Eyes 7″

Underwater Peoples were kind enough to give us some more great lo-fi jangle from Melbourne’s burgeoning rock scene. This 7″ was released back on March 8th and is titled Black Eyes. The Twerps dabble in the sounds of proto-punk, but unlike some of their contemporaries down under, they keep to the quieter (and poppier) side of the spectrum. Don’t worry though, they’re not afraid to get a little noisy when they need to. You can listen to “Black Eyes” below, but you can also listen to all three songs on this 7″ over at the Underwater Peoples web store. Expect a full-length out from these guys later in 2011, which will be co-released by Chapter Music (Digital and CD format) and Underwater Peoples (Vinyl). They just finished up a U.S. tour, but hopefully they’ll be stateside again to promote their new album when that comes out.


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