Ty Segall – Goodbye Bread

The ever-busy Ty Segall’s laid down a set of tracks for his new LP called Goodbye Bread, due out July 21, 2011 on Drag City. This album is being promoted as a tamer affair than previous outings, but Ty’s signature lo-fi blend of 60’s inspired garage-psych is still firmly in place, albeit a little less raucous. Mr. Segall’s spent more time crafting the songs on this album, and as a result, these tunes have been given a little more air to breathe. Everything Ty touches turns to gold and Goodbye Bread should be no different. Have a listen to “You Make the Sun Fry” below.

Here’s the tracklist for the album:

1. Goodbye Bread
2. California Commercial
3. Comfortable Home (A True Story)
4. You Make the Sun Fry
5. I Can’t Feel It
6. My Head Explodes
7. The Floor
8. Where Your Head Goes
9. I Am With You
10. Fine


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